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Top Cave Explorations for Your Class

Featured in Students Fare's blog article "Top Cave Explorations for Your Class," which shows Mystery misty cave entrance in Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world in UNESCO World Heritage Site Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh province, Vietnam

From hiking up mountains to trekking through lush forests, there are tons of expeditions that explore gems above the ground. But what about the world beneath the ground? 

Caving is a unique outdoor adventure that takes you through wild cave systems. Exploring with your Environmental Studies, Ecology, Geology, and Speleology students on a cave tour can be beneficial in many ways. They’ll get to see unique flora, fauna, and wildlife that have been surviving in the cool corners of the caves for centuries. 

Discover the perfect blend of education and adventure with Students Fare as we guide you through the top cave exploration trips for your class.

Best Cave Exploration Trips for Your Class

Crystal Cave: Bermuda

Featured in Students Fare's blog article "Top Cave Explorations for Your Class," which shows the Crystal Caves in Bermuda

One of the most popular activities in Bermuda is the Crystal and Fantasy Cave exploration trip. Each cave tour lasts around 35 minutes. Your students will get to discover one of the island’s largest and most impressive cave systems at Crystal Caves of Bermuda.

The journey begins in a lush garden before descending into either Crystal Cave or Fantasy Cave (we can arrange combination tickets for both caves). Both caves feature towering stalagmites and hanging formations of white limestone. Your class will get to cross the floating bridge to get a closer look at a crystal-clear lake. The lake hides intricate rock formations that can be seen under the blue water.

Glow Worm Caves: Australia

Featured in Students Fare's blog article "Top Cave Explorations for Your Class," which shows "Waipu Cave" Glowworm cave

Nestled in the Gold Coast, Springbrook National Park boasts Australia’s largest glow worm population. The cave consists of two large chambers connected by underground tunnels. In the first chamber, your class can learn about the glow worms’ history, behavior, and habitat. Further into the chamber, they’ll get to see stalagmites, stalactites, water features, and the mesmerizing glow worms.

Access to the cave habitat is through guided tours, as it’s a protected heritage site. These tours offer an up-close look at the glow worms and their enchanting environment. The tour starts at night, leading your class on a magical bush walk through ancient rainforests. Inside the caves, they’ll see the glow worms flitting around, creating a surreal glow against the cave walls. 

Zhijin Cave: China

Featured in Students Fare's blog article "Top Cave Explorations for Your Class," which shows Cave in the Jiuxiang scenic region in Yunnan in China. Thee Jiuxiang caves area is near the Stone Forest of Kunming

Situated 75 mi/120 km from Guiyang, Zhijin Cave is a vast underground wonderland renowned as the “Cave Museum.” Here, your class can explore a multitude of natural formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, stone curtains, and underground lakes. With 47 halls showcasing various deposits, the cave’s average deposit height is around 130 ft/40 m and the tallest reaches a staggering 230 ft/70 m.

Outside the cave, your students can enjoy natural landscapes like valleys, streams, and waterfalls. Nearby are villages belonging to the Miao, Yi, and Buyi Ethnic Minorities, offering a cultural exploration opportunity. 

Son Doong: Vietnam

Featured in Students Fare's blog article "Top Cave Explorations for Your Class," which shows While not physically connected to Son Doong Hang Nuoc Nut are part of the Son Doong cave system based on their shared water flow which fortunately creates beautiful and extraordinary formations

Son Doong Cave is a massive natural gem. Its dimensions exceed 650 m/200 m in height, 575 ft/175 m in width, and a length of almost 6 mi/9.4 kilometers. Its sheer size allows it to easily accommodate some of the world’s largest caves.

Inside the cave, your class can marvel at its beauty, illuminated by two sinkholes that flood the cave with breathtaking beams of sunlight. The cave also features the world’s largest stalagmites and primaeval rain forests with trees reaching heights of up to 165 ft/50 m.

While Son Doong Cave is open to visitors, access is strictly controlled. It is limited to 1000 visitors annually. All tours are organized and led exclusively by a single organization, with whom Students Fare can make your class’s reservations.

Cenotes: Mexico

Featured in Students Fare's blog article "Top Cave Explorations for Your Class," which shows Cenote Samula Dzitnup near Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico - swimming in crystal blue water

The Yucatan Peninsula, situated in the southeastern part of Mexico, stands out as one of the world’s top destinations for cave diving. It features extensive cave networks and excellent conditions both above and below the water surface. Access points to this wonderland are known as cenotes, a term derived from the Mayan word “dzonot,” meaning “sacred well.”

Among these, Rio Secreto stands out as a remarkable journey into a system of underground rivers and ancient caverns. It showcases the fascinating passage of time underneath the earth. This unique experience offers the chance to witness breathtaking underground pools, crystals, and stalagmites. 

Get In The Air With Students Fare!

Caving offers a unique and unforgettable experience that one should fully embrace. This type of exploration trip can open a new world to your students, making learning enjoyable. These cave expeditions can be enjoyed solo or as part of larger class tours organized by Students Fare.

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