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Best Culinary Tours for Students

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Due to the recent surge in culinary tourism, teachers can expect students to increasingly seek out educational opportunities abroad. By taking your class on a culinary tour, they get to learn about the local cuisine, its production, and its origin story.

Students Fare is here with a curated selection of top-notch culinary programs, each offering not only a delectable first taste but also an opportunity to elevate your students’ cooking or baking skills. 

Best Culinary Tours for Students

New York’s Institute of Culinary Education

At the Institute of Culinary Education, your students can take part in immersion programs like a butchering workshop or a bread-making class. From “Techniques of Italian Cooking” and “Supper Downstairs at Downton Abbey” to “Vegan Donut Workshop,” you can register your students for courses taught by professionals. These experts have resumes that include renowned New York restaurants like Le Cirque.

These courses not only serve as an educational opportunity but also an exploration of the multicultural culinary heritage that makes New York a true food lover’s paradise.

Mexico's Los Dos Cooking School

Students can engage in courses on traditional and modern Mexican cooking at the renowned Los Dos Cooking School. In these courses, your class will learn techniques for preparing authentic Mexican food such as salsas, tamales, and mole sauces. They also offer extended programs, including “Three-Day Chocolate Fantasy Workshop” and “Yucatán Three Day Culinary Workshop.”

The Los Dos Cooking School not only imparts culinary expertise but also immerses students in the rich cultural heritage of the region, making it an unforgettable culinary journey for international students eager to explore the flavors of Mexico.

Tuscany's Palace Castello di Vicarello

Located between Rome and Florence in the Tuscan countryside, Castello di Vicarello is surrounded by fields of organic vineyards, olive groves, and farmland. Following old family recipes and a published chef, your students will master dishes like papa al pomodoro, ravioli maremmani, and tiramisu. The castle hotel even offers additional experiences including truffle hunting, as well as olive and grape harvesting.

Set against the stunning backdrop of rolling vineyards and historic charm, students can learn to create exquisite Italian cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The experience at Castello di Vicarello offers a delightful blend of hands-on cooking, cultural immersion, and a taste of the Tuscan dolce vita.

Vietnam's Gioan Family Cookery School

From crafting flavorful pho to perfecting the delicate balance of spring rolls, your class can experience unique and hands-on cooking at Gioan Family Cookery School. With a family-oriented atmosphere, students will not only gain essential cooking skills but also a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Vietnamese food. The class will begin with a trip to the market for ingredients before cooking three dishes — Fried wonton, aubergine in clay pot, and chicken chili lemongrass.

Located in the heart of Vietnam, the Gioan Family Cookery School provides a rich and authentic culinary journey for students eager to explore the diverse and vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cooking.

Book Culinary Tours With Students Fare

By learning from expert chefs and local food artisans, your students not only gain practical skills but also a deeper appreciation for the diversity that defines the city’s gastronomic landscape. From delicious mouth-watering Mexican Tamales to Vietnamese Pho, Students Fare is here to help you plan your class’s culinary field trip at the most affordable rates! 

Call Students Fare for assistance booking a culinary experience for your classroom. We negotiate directly with our travel partners to get you the cheapest deals possible on everything from hotels and tours to international and domestic flights. 

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