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Top Fall Break Destinations

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Theres something unique about the fall, with the refreshing cool breeze, orange and yellow fallen leaves, and celebrations just around the corner. The best part, however, is getting out of school on fall break. This year, spend your free time wisely and embark on a fall break trip. If you’re looking for the best fall break destinations for college students, then read about these perfect spots to motivate your mind. 

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Top Fall Break Destinations for College Students:

Utrecht, Netherlands

A travel photo of a river in Amsterdam, Netherlands with boats and beautiful apartment houses. The image is featured in the Students Fare article about college students called top fall break destinations.

Utrecht, one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands, is quickly rising to the top of every traveler’s agenda. Autumn brings hues of yellow, red, and orange leaves that adorn its historic canals and streets. The best way to explore the brilliance of this Dutch wonder is to meander these canals by boat. From sailing through canals shrouded in brilliant fall colors to exploring the city’s historical sites, Utrecht is one of the best fall vacation ideas. 

Tuscany, Italy

A beautiful image of the landscape in Tuscany, Italy with rolling green fields highlighted by the sunset and a small Italian villa on a hill. This image is featured in the Students Fare article about student travel called top fall break destinations.

Tuscany conjures up visions of idyllic towns, rolling green hills, and fields of flowers. Without a doubt, it’s the region of Italy most known to visitors from abroad. Students on fall vacation from college can discover the production processes for regional wines, truffle-hunt in the lush Tuscan forests, and feast on delicious Italian food. The best time to book a fall break package is from SeptemberOctober when the weather is warm during the day and cool at night.  

Novosibirsk, Russia

Novosibirsk maintains the character and charm of a small town, but it’s the largest city in Siberia with a population of more than 1.6 million people. The Siberian capital may be notorious for its harsh, below-freezing winters, but from mid-September to mid-October the sun is shining. A favorite fall vacation idea for young people is bathing in the refreshing waters of the Ob River. Away from the river, students can witness the beauty of performing arts at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the largest in Russia. One of the most underrated fall locations, this is the perfect spot to form student group travel experiences. 

Mount Fuji, Japan

A landscape photo of Japan capturing pink cherry blossom trees, trees with fall leaves, a large temple, and the legendary mount fuji. This image is featured in the Students Fare article about student travel called top fall break destinations.

Located in the center of Japan is Mount Fuji, the highest point in the country. Students Fare can book an experienced guide to help climb Mount Fuji’s slopes while passing through golden Karamatsu pines. The Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival showcases the natural beauty of this peak whose surrounding is drenched in spectacular red colors and tranquil crystal water during the fall travel season. Youll have to pinch yourself to understand that the beauty of this place is real. 

Hartmannsdorf, Austria

While the rolling hills are beautiful during all seasons, Hartmannsdorf is at its peak during the autumn months. All roads lead to the central church’s 118 ft (36 m) tower, which is especially evident as the trees start dropping their leaves. Students will love escaping the chaos of college and enjoying the peace that can only be found in the countryside surrounded by nature. The early days of fall are the ideal time for visiting because anyone can take part in the apple and pear harvest or enjoy the quiet outdoors. With a limited number of cozy accommodations, we advise you to reserve a place in advance to avoid any disappointments.  

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 You can’t go wrong with any of these destinations for fall break, from celebrating apple harvests on a scenic hilltop to enjoying the hues of fall with Tuscan wine. Call Students Fare and we’ll help you plan the perfect trip for you to explore one of these fall break destinations for college students.

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