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Affordable Vacation Destinations

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In the wake of the global pause in 2020, wanderlust is surging like never before. As people rekindle their desire to explore, students are eager to venture out. While some spent their time studying or immersed in movies during the lockdown, others found inspiration in distant destinations on social media. The idea of traveling is thrilling, yet the question of affordability often concerns students.

Fortunately, Students Fare is here to reveal a handpicked selection of beautiful and affordable vacation destinations, offering students the opportunity to take memorable adventures without breaking the bank.

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5 Affordable Vacation Destinations Worldwide


Featured in Affordable Vacation Destinations by Students Fare, this image shows a temple surrounded by a lake and mountains in Vietnam.

Vietnam should find its way onto every food enthusiast’s travel bucket list. Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, it stands out as one of the world’s best destinations for street food. The bustling markets are nothing short of an adventure, where you can indulge in a diverse array of native dishes without denting your wallet. Imagine savoring a steaming bowl of soup, complete with a hearty pork shank and rice noodles, for a mere $1.50. And let’s not forget the aromatic delight of a cup of coffee, priced at a wallet-friendly $1.

But the budget-friendly perks don’t stop at food; Vietnam offers affordable transportation options that make exploring the country a breeze. GrabBike, often described as the Uber for bikes, is a widely used app in major cities, and you can traverse 1 mile (2 kilometers) for just $0.50. Moreover, dependable long-distance buses and trains crisscross the country, providing plenty of cost-effective choices that won’t break the bank during your stay.


Romania, a European gem often overlooked by travelers, promises an abundance of experiences at an incredibly affordable price. Set in the heart of Transylvania, Romania boasts stunning castles and colorful villages straight out of a fairy tale.

What sets this affordable vacation destination apart is its remarkable affordability. It ranks among the least expensive foreign countries to explore in Europe, making it a haven for budget-conscious adventurers. On average, you can enjoy meals for just $30 to $40 per day, including delicious cuisine and cozy hostel accommodations priced at $10 to $15 per night.

Despite its Dracula fame, Romania remains a well-kept secret, with many hidden towns and cost-free activities waiting to be discovered. Take advantage of free walking tours to explore historical landmarks, immersing yourself in the rich culture and history without depleting your wallet.


India, often celebrated as one of the world’s most budget-friendly destinations, rewards travelers who embrace the art of bargaining and discounts.

India’s allure deepens when you consider its wide spectrum of accommodations. Opting for homestays allows you to immerse yourself in this unique experience. For the budget-conscious, dormitory beds can be secured for as little as $1 per night. On the flip side, luxury lodgings are a fraction of the typical cost.

Navigating the vast expanse of India has been transformed thanks to ride-sharing services like Uber and its Indian counterpart, Ola. These services not only simplify your travels but also streamline the process of haggling with rickshaw drivers. 


Featured in Affordable Vacation Destinations by Students Fare, this image shows a beautiful island in Cambodia with blue water and a bridge.

With its rich historical heritage, delectable cuisine, magnificent landmarks, and stunning landscapes, Cambodia offers travelers an unforgettable experience that won’t strain finances.

Hostels in Cambodia are exceptionally wallet-friendly, with rates starting at a mere $4 per night. This means that even the most budget-conscious travelers can find comfortable and cost-effective accommodations to rest in after days of exploration. Additionally, you can indulge in hearty and flavorful meals for as little as $1.

For transportation, Cambodia offers convenient and budget-friendly options. While the capital city, Phnom Penh, boasts a public transit network with 17 bus lines, other cities also provide affordable means of getting around. Each bus ride typically costs just $0.40 USD, making it a frugal yet convenient choice for exploring.

South Africa

South Africa beckons with a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural diversity, plus it’s an affordable vacation destination. The favorable exchange rate, with 1 South African Rand now equivalent to 7 cents in US currency, provides a significant advantage for travelers carrying US dollars or euros.

In South Africa, the term “backpackers” encompasses a wide range of accommodations, from hostels to guesthouses, each nestled in picturesque surroundings. What sets these apart is their affordability, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Food can be a variable expense in South Africa, with dining out potentially eating into your budget. To save money, consider preparing your meals. Exploring South African cuisine through local markets can also be a budget-friendly and delicious experience.

Book Affordable Travel with Students Fare!

Remember, affordable travel doesn’t mean compromising quality. It’s about making savvy choices and uncovering hidden gems. So, whether you’re strolling through Vietnam’s streets, sipping coffee in an Indian city, or going on a South African safari, let the spirit of budget exploration guide you. These destinations stand as a testament to the magic of adventure that awaits when you travel wisely. Embrace every moment of your journey, one budget-friendly destination at a time.

Call Students Fare for assistance booking budget-friendly travel necessities with a student discount on top! Also, read our travel blog for more tips about staying in hostels, traveling on a budget, and more.

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